Service is discontinued from 20/07/2021

Payxme was the ONLY ONE legit service for exchanging funds with various processors such as PayPal, Skrill. But unfortunately, we have to discontinue our service as mainly a big company put us a trademark infringement. So they needed us to remove their trademarks on our website.


We have no way to continue the service with this situation. After a heartbreaking time, our team decided to discontinue the service from 20/07/2021.


Please note there are no longer services available with the name of Payxme. Our team will never appear as any other name in the future as well.


If you found any suspicious activity, please notify us as soon as possible. Our email you can contact us is


Thank you to everyone who has stayed with us in the past time. It was a pleasure to serve you with our best. We are proud to say we did "the" best and the one and only legit service of exchanging funds between your preferred payment processors.


Have a great future! Stay safe!

Team Payxme.

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